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В последнее время нам приходится сталкиваться с использованием нашей номенклатуры электродов (а также порошковых и цельнотянутых проволок) другими поставщиками сварочных материалов!

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Ремонт трещины бандажа обжиговой печи

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Восстановление элементов ОПУ

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Ремонт ротора турбины ГТТ-3М

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Ремонт трещины массивного термоконтейнера горизонтального пресса

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Восстановление посадочного места приводной шейки прокатного валка

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Новая линейка материалов для технологий аддитивного производства

Порошки серии AMPERPRINT от H.C.Starck

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О компании | SABAROS S.A. Switzerland

SABAROS in brief:

  • SABAROS is a Swiss company founded in December 1996, with headquarters in CH-1026 Echandens.
    From its creation and until May 2004, Sabaros acted as exclusive distributor of Castolin+Eutectic for the Former Soviet Union territory.
    As of mid 2004, Sabaros is among others selling its own branded products for Maintenance and Repair Technology.
    Today, Sabaros’ suppliers are located in several West-European countries and USA.

  • SABAROS owns two daughter companies in Moscow, Russia , with :
    • 15 Russian employees
    • 250 m2 own office space
    • 150 m2 rented technical center and sales stock facilities
    • Wide sub-agency network across Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia

  • SABAROS exclusively operates in the Former Soviet Union and Mongolia and focuses in the fields of:
    • Maintenance and Repair Solutions, with dedicated applications based on welding, coating and brazing techniques.

    • Surface Engineering based on diverse processes such as;
      powder and wire flame spraying, arc-spraying, HVOF and PTA

    • Orbital TIG welding

    • Commodity / OEM welding supplies
    Sabaros maintains contacts with a steady clientele from main industry segments, namely:
    • Oil and gaz extracting / refining
    • Mining
    • Metal works and foundries
    • Pulp and paper / Fertilizer / Chemical plants
    • Aviation and jet engine manufacturers
    • Power generation
    • Glass works
    • Machine building and general mechanical workshops

  • SABAROS is renowned for its:
    • Inside market knowledge, thanks to long lasting experience and wide-spread relationships.

    • Local sales organization, allowing customs clearance of goods and direct sales in local currencies, on-site sales stock

    • Specific technical competence, thanks to well-trained Russian engineers, Technical center with demonstration and training equipment, in-depth industry know-how.

    • International Trade, thanks to specific knowledge in elaboration of foreign trade contracts, complex financial schemes and complicated transport schemes.